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sometimes i feel alone. I mean i live in a town with no "gay" guys for
me to even talk to. Sometimes i feel so alone i feel like i am going to go
crazy. i am out to all my friends and none of my family. Does anyone else
know what i am talking about or feel the same way?


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lift ur head up

the feeling won't last... I've been through it and still going through it. I'm virtually not out to anyone except one friend and a netpal. Gosh, I haven't even dated before but I believe the day will come.

It helps to talk to the friends that you're out to and also people on the internet. Personally, the net has been a life saviour, basically taught me that it was alright to be gay and there ARE gay people ain't there. Made some really great gay friends too.

Your experience as a gay male (I assume you are from your post) will determine the person you become and it's not necessary to 'live in a town with other gay guys to talk to' to be fulfilled as a gay person.

Loneliness is a state of mind. If you really feel the need to talk about your sexuality, try the net. There's plenty here at oasis who wouldn't mind listening.

There is a risky solution, the more people you're out to, the more likely that you stumble upon another gay guy. It's all in the matter of probability.

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Been there...

In fact, even though I live in one of the most populated cities in the world, I´m still there. I mean, I have met a couple of gay guys, but we have nothing in common, so yeah I´m pretty much by myself. So I do get very lonely sometimes. And just about 3 of my friends know I´m gay, so that makes it a little bit harder. Anyway, I know there might be someone nice I´ll end up meeting sooner or later, so I know you won´t be alone for very long.

Tha sinne a'deanamh cearcall an teine
Tha sinne a'dannsadh troimh thir agus mhuir
Bitheadh e aite nan diathan dearrsanta
Bitheadh e aite na diathan ar treubha
Tha an t-am a muigh
Tha ar treubh a staigh
`S e an t-aite naomh a

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I am out to my friends and family but sometimes
even thought I have a what seems like all my friends
who are gay I just feel so alone. So I know
some what, that you are feeling.

I was stuck inside someone else's life and always second best
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