and two more things...

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(1) allowing homosexual relationships or even marriage is not going to be the downfall of this country. unless i am much mistaken, ancient greece and rome are regarded as the foundation of western society, and have been greatly admired long past their downfall--even inspiring the government we have today that the u.s. considers so dear--democracy! :cough: homosexuality was exceedingly common in greece and rome. even socially accepted.

(2) i wish politicians (:cough:democrats:cough::cough:) would just take a stand on the issue. no more, "i'm not for a ammend--but don't think i'm for gay marriage! not at all! just for those nice little things called civil unions that expose the philosphy that seperate is equal..." gah!!! iw ould have so much more respect for a politician who just took a stand and said, "yes, i support gay marriages. i am against discrimination of any kind." i know there are a few, but certainly none in my area, and not many that i ever really get to hear about...

(sorry, i'm a bit worked up today. ^^; i apologize.)


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Don't apologize! It makes me

Don't apologize! It makes me happy to know that other people feel as strongly about these issues as I do. :D

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But also...

they allowed pedophilia. Don't get me wrong, I do agree with you and I will be voting like I did 4 years ago pro democrat

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ehhh ture. ^^; i guess i shou

ehhh ture. ^^; i guess i should be more careful about my rants, because there are a few little places like that. but mostly my point was just to take things that seemed to be admired (particularly by the typical person to argue against gay rights) and try to show another side of them... or something like that? ^^;

~ solarfae

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The main argument of the repu

The main argument of the republicians is that if marriage between gays is allowed, then pologymists will have a strong legal case against them.

Another issue for them, is the child issue. When people are legally married, they can get tax deductions cause of their kids. They don't want gays to have kids at all. Also, there is the thing about having a single parent is worse than having two parents, and having two parents of the same sex is even worse. It's the "how is a woman going to know what to tell her son when puberty hits?" argument.

Rebublicians also think a male/male or female/femal relationship is wrong because they can't procreate, and the whole reason for marriage is so you can have children.

Why are those arguments crap? First of all, this whole "we're better than you" kick needs to fade out of fashion. Pologmy already exists, secretly. Di their children to into psycopathic killers? Hell no. They just happened to grow with fifteen mommies. Secondly, gays are already adopting and having kids. If we're taking those poor kids out of the absolutly brutal and abusive system, yay for us! We deserve tax breaks, just like anyone else. They can't stop it. No way in hell. Thirdly, two parents are better than one, mostly. However, heteros have messed up having kids for so long (1/3 of the women, and this is just the women, all over the world have been incestrally raped in childhood), gays should have their chance. As for a woman not knowing what to say to her son... it's called sex ed, getting a book, raising your damn child.

As for the crap agument that marriage is only for procreation and children... what are they going to do next? Forbid all elderly people, women past menopause, cancer vistims who had to lose their sexual organs, and people who don't want kids from getting married? Are you going to have to sign a little sheet of paper promising to have a kid? That's complete and total crap. Way back in the ice ages, marriage was so you could have kids. It was not about love, just about creating an heir. Now, people get married for love, or what they think is love. If marriage was just for kids, there would be no such thing as divorce.

If they're gonna try and take away the rights I am entitled to as a living breathing being, then they better come up with better arguments.

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The 'downfall of the country' argument is not true...

Theres an article here that says that hetrosexual marriages have increased in some countries where homosexual marriage is legalised.