Any other transfolk out there?

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title says it all...

I'm a 21yo mtf (pretransitional) - just wondering if there's any others signed up here?

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hi there

hmm.. i m not too sure even how to classify myself... lol... i m a guy but i know i have a very feminine side too... n i m begining to explore that feminine side of me... but as of yet i still like being a male too... so wat does that make me..??

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Whaterver you wanna be... lol

Whaterver you wanna be... lol!

I guess it's something you'll figure out in time. Maybe the term I like for myself fits... genderqueer :)

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hey......I'm currently IDing

hey......I'm currently IDing as genderqueer too (though who knows where i'll eventually end up). I've been busy lately so haven't been posting here, but if ya ever wanna talk, my aim is rage253.

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I'm 14 mtf pretransitional, lol. May name is Zoe (Olivia is my middle name, just so you wont wonder about my username) And i wouldnt mind tlaking to you at all. Do you have AIM or Yahoo or something of the such?

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I've decided I am both gender

I've decided I am both genders... I have an alter ego, the gay boy Connor, and then there's me, the lesbian Amanda. Some days I am masculine, some days I am feminine. It changes.

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Me too!

I mean have the ater-ego personality thing.
I'm kinda both. mine personality switches throughout the day.
I like the term gender bender I defy whats right for both gender and
dance to the beat of my own drum.

but i know im 100% gay I like guys


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Alter ego

Depends on what mood I wake up in and who I am going
to be around that day if I am going to be in
the studio with the guys I act like a guy if I am
going to be with my friends I am girl which is who
I normal am.

How Could I be mislead to me ya'll are both dead...
No sense in being loud you found your own way in,
now you can find it out JC Chasez "Slept with my best friend"

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Umm... Could someone explain to me what transgender is exactly. I think I know but I want to make sure. I'd appreciate it! ^_^

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wow... I started this thre


I started this thread a long time ago. Not getting much response, I pretty much gave up looking here. I thought to come back and check just in case, and to my surprise, it looks like there's quite a few transfolk here!

Awesome to hear from you!

And, to answer Evyn545's question, I guess the best way I can explain it, is transfolk are people who have gender identities that are different from the sex they were born as. I will eventually transition fully and live the rest of my life as a girl, but there are many others who don't.