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When my family moved back into the house we live in today, the house I mainly grew up in, it wasn't under good pretenses. We had left a rough life in another town. We had left many angry people behind. We had left a life we had known for almost six years.

Looking back now, I don't think I ever knew the real story behind it all. I was young, I was confused, life was beyond hectic. Now I am trying to piece it all back together. This may not be the right time for it, but you can never convince your heart of it.

Currently, I am staring into the face of the fact that I need to write a really trying letter to an old friend of the family. It's been a realization I've had for almost three weeks now. And I can't avoid it any longer. I have to stop fearing this person and get what I feel and think out there. I believe the fear of rejection is the main thing that is holding me back.

Life is hectic right now. I found out tonight that my aunt has another new boyfriend, my cousin went back to an old boyfriend, and she intends to get married around Halloween. Interesting. College life isn't too great. I am really hating my History class and I may have to withdraw from it. My sister is, well, trying us all. She doesn't think about other people right away and its not until you spell out the situation to her that she might just finally realize why she made someone uncomfortable. It makes life difficult, especially for me since I spend the most tiome with her and I am afraid she is going to lapse back into hating me.

Well, thats really it. I have it fairly well off. Just generally making an attempt to deal with some troubling things that hold me down slightly. I'll make it through it though, no worse for the wear. Or something like that. Hope everyone else is doing alright. Have a good night everybody!