back and gone and back some more

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Sorry guys I just figured out my password situation for Oasis. I't been a while and an update is sorely overdue. I'm in Europe right now, specificaly Madrid. I've been travling aroud Spain and Portugal fro teh last two weeks. Before them I was doing a language porgram in Grenoble, France. On Wendsday I'm going to Parist to study gfor teh rest of the semseter. So much has happened since the last time I've updated here. I feel like I'm starting to chance a bit in a good way. I'm also getting a chance to better explore my sexuality and through it my own sense of self. There is way too much to write in the time that I have but I will be back.

Oh, another thing... I have another blog now. I set it up to write about my trip with out giving my family access ot all of my very personal entries here. It's at