bored again

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wish i had a party to go to. i love parties they are the bomb! oh yeh! gonna see a movie. i should call emiko. ignoring the attraction doesnt seem to be working, i nee dto find a different distraction. i should call one of my guy friends. they are good at distracting me. but they are at a football game. hope they win. i got some pretty good books at the library, no vampire ones. the dad wouldnt let me. bummer. i got a book on cleopatra that is pretty interesting. she is a cool person. im listening to show tunes form Wicked the best musical ever. anyone hear of it? well if not you should get the soundtrack you would love it. i know i do. my dad would hate me being at this site. i guess that partly why its soo kewl. he say that these sites are to sexually explizit. im fricken fourteen, i like sexually explizit sites. not that thi sis one of them though. he is just difficult. the fa,m is coming ove rso i gotta scoot.