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So I slept the evening away, from 6 PM, the moment I got home from work, til about an hour ago, and now I'm wide awake, I've got hours to burn before work and nothing to really do with 'em except this. So how the fuck are ya?

While I slept, the Twins (onomotopia alert) thwacked the Bitch Sox 10-2, with another dominating performance by this year's soon-to-be Cy Young award winner, Johan Santana. People of Chicago, TeeAhr regrets to inform you that the pennant race is over. Again. Send professionals next year. Fall is such a beautiful time in Minnesota, innit?

In other news, I've got to stop eating out so damn much. I've gone out for lunch probably 25 out of the last 30 workdays, and probably gone out for breakfast a quarter of those days too. It's so great, though. Being in a new city, surrounded by new place to eat, and so many of them rule. I could eat at a new place every day and I probably wouldn't get through the city of Minneapols before I turned thirty. I love eating out, that's the moral of the story. But it's goddamned expensive, and you never realize cumulatively how much you're really spending, five to ten bucks at a time, almost every day. I spend more on eating out than on all of my other vices (cigarettes, coffee, pot, and the occasional sixer) combined. So where do you suppose I should go for breakfast today?

Why, Goddess, why am I beset by unbearably cute straight boys?

I'm still homesick. I really do like a lot of things about living in the city, but sometimes I wonder how well I'm really adjusting. I haven't made any new friends except the people I work with, I spend my free time either with people I know from home who live here, by myself wandering the city, or burning up my pohone card calling people from home. I think it'll start to move once I get my own place; I still don't feel like I really live here. There isn't an emotional investment, it's a house, not a home. It's like I'm here for the summer (cuz I have been), and next week or the week after, I'll throw my shit in the van and go back to the prairie, where my real life is. But it's not anymore, and the left side of my brain knows that, and I get the feeling that once the right side figures it out, this is gonna be hard to deal with.

Wow, my roommate just woke up, walked around the kitchen, and went back to bed. What a weirdo, who's up at this hour?

Wow, for someone who doesn't have a lot to talk about, I sure do talk a lot. Have a great day, everyone!



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i always enjoy your late night rants.
keep em up.

Putting the HEAD back into Hedonism

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Damn, I wish I had some drugs. Stupid me, I had to go and promise someone I'd give that shit up