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if my conscience could
lay down its arms
and keep its distance
so that i could see the sun again
i would lay down my facade
and shrink the distance
the long, impossible mile
that superates us
as i sit down by you in the empty hallway

you wait like the angel you are
as i pace around
halfway looking for any straying pieces of me
that shattered when the cross doubled over
and hit my soul
halfway replaying worn-out words in my mind
which used to comfort
until the old folks made it clear
that words like those weren't for me

and if i took some more of that
goddamn time i don't have
i could get to know myself
if only to be able to tell myself
that they're wrong
and that there's no real reason
for my wanting to drop to my knees
in a public places, walking down the street
because the 10,000 disapproving worlds
on top of mine aren't really so heavy

but my conscience
is water
almost like holy water
and i never learned to swim well enough
to control it
and if i ever get to keep my head up
above the surface
you'll know
you'll be able to watch
from your long mile away
or even from the other side of the world

because there'll be a storm like you've never seen
all clouds gathered instantly over the dark spot i made
to rain me back under


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I liked this. Especially the image of never learning to control your conscience. :)

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."