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It's just a casual comment, but it manages to smash my good mood to bits anyways. I really shouldn't care, you're straight, and I need to come to terms with that. You'll never love me, at least not in the same way I love you. You will always mention to me boys you thought were cute, and you'll point them out around me too. And I'll always smile and agree, and try to ignore the fact that you've crushed my heart again. But it's not your fault, you don't know. And I'm sorry that I haven't told you that I love you.


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...and every time your heart breaks a little bit more. I wonder how much a heart can take.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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Hearts are pretty strong, any

Hearts are pretty strong, anyway, I've got some duct tape. :)

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I feel the same way...

Hey thanks for the comment on my journal. Yea I guess I should just let go, but I'm thinking I should just give it sometime I mean isn't that what friendship is about? Yea I think it sucks having to have to listen to some1 u like make a comment about a boy who she thinks is cute, but oh well I've grown immune to that well not really but I'm pretty good in hiding my feelings and I can even talk about the guy she likes around her and stuff...

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Yeah, friendships are pretty

Yeah, friendships are pretty important. give it a couple more goes, but don't let your fondness for your friend let you get walked over. :)