gay marriage... (sigh)

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warning: foul language ahead... hopefully it won't distract from the point too much...

i had forgotted for a while just how much this whole gay marriage issue pisses me off. i don't understand, can't understand, i'm trying to understand, what makes people so goddamned convinced that marriage has to be between one man and one woman. fuck the bible, we're talking about poltical rights--like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. like, seperate is not equal. we're talking about human beings, committed relationships, and the right of everyone to a private life not interfered with by someone else's religion.

but no one on the other side is going to listen to arguments like this. they never will. when people get this passionate on something, they only ever hear their side of it. (yes, i do it myself, although it is my personal goal to be very careful about hearing both sides of any arguement...) what can i possibly do?

i mean, i know what i can do--as in sign petetions, and vote, and write, and who knows, i wouldn't mind being one of those people in court even.

but against the thousands of people who think that marriage between two men or two women is an abomination--what can i possibly do about them? nothing really. i can't make up their minds for them, and it's doubtful than many, if any at all, will be persuaded by any logical argument--religion is the sworn enemy of logic apparently (well, yes, it is supposed to be more about faith...)

and then to have to listen to all the political/religious bullshit... ahhh fuck it. i could stoop to insults, but mostly i'm just dumbfounded by the depths of hostility and hypocrisy. (one nation, under god, with liberty and justice for all...)

just look at cheney's brilliant comment on it, for example: "freedom means freedom for everyone." (:sighs: yeah, no shit, mr. vice president of the united states of america...)


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I just have to comment on this...

when Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that "all men are created equal" and the rights being "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" he didn't actually mean for everyone. That phrase needs to be taken into account in the context it was meant in. Thomas Jefferson was only referring to white males who owned property. For being the so-called "man of the people", he really was only the man of the property owning white men.

And about the Pledge of Allegiance...what most people don't know is that the phrase "under god" was not originally included in the Pledge. That part wasn't added until like the 1960s

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hehe, actually, i know all th

hehe, actually, i know all that, but thanks. ^^ my annoyance is just that those are things quoted so often by the same people who oppose gay marriage. but yeah--freedom never really has meant freedom for everyone...

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Of course you should know those things already...

any good American should know it(meant sarcastically) To quote a passage by George Orwell, "All animals are created equal, some are just more equal than others"

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This gets me really angry too

This gets me really angry too. And not being able to vote makes me feel really helpless. But, I figured out in the 2008 election I will be able to vote! YAHOO!! hehe

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:groans: i know how you feel;

:groans: i know how you feel; i miss this election by less than a year...

~ solarfae

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You Know

You know this year I am old enough to vote and
I plan on it I just don't know for who but I
don't want Bush back in office for all that he
has put everyone thought. I get your point thought
No one is going to listen religion gets in the way as does
the not wanting to hear.

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gay marrage

see the way i look at it is marrage is a sacred promise between two people, wether it be two men or two women or a man and a woman. If someone can tell me where it says in the bible that gay marrage is wrong. See people base their lives on a book that really has no meaning. (no offense to the christians) Who knows who really wrote the bible. So there is no person who can say where gay marrage is wrong or right. Marrage is nothing but a piece of paper thats says that you might love someone. To me marrage isn't that big of issue but it has blown up into something way more than it needs to be. But then again all people need to be treated equal. But what i don't get is "our founding fathers" (white christian racist haters) made the gov't that now rules our life. So for their bias gays can't get a piece of paper that says that they love eachother. I think it is really fucked up.

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our Founding Fathers and Christianity

Thomas Jefferson technically wasn't a Christian, he was Deist--one who believes in the existence of a God or supreme being but denies revealed religion, basing his beliefs on the light of nature and reason

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recently V.P. Cheney has remembered he as a gay daughter and now states that he believes that gay marriage should be left to the state. Hey, maybe he's just saying it but it's better than nothing.
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to lie about the dreams she has.
But lord, it takes a lonely one to wish
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Yeah, this whole issue pisses

Yeah, this whole issue pisses me off. It shouldn't even be an issue. Talking to people about it, I've found that even if they don't support gay marriage per se, most of them still don't think that it should be banned by law.

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Gay marrage

Lets get one thing straight, Gay marrage is not going to destroy the earth nor is it it "Evil." The bullshit argument posed by the fuck offs who quote Leviticus 10:22 "A man shall not layith with a man as he would layith with a woman, it is an abomination," is total crap. If you poke around you will find that Leviticus also says that a man shall be STONED TO DEATH for sleeping in a the same bed with a woman who is on her period. Besides, these anti-gays are only againced gay rights so they can have a group to pick on because they need to feel superior to someone to compensate for their own weakness. Oh and by the way if anyone wishes to see a really radical anti gay site, go to and see the intollorence at its sorce.

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you of all people should know

you of all people should know that politics and religion are equally conflicting and that they both can quite easily be confused with eachother...politics is all about getting what you see as right into power because they want to see what they believe is best happen for their's not fair to say that these people who believe that gay marriage will ultimately destroy society are misguided...more to say that they are firmly people here are firmly rooted in thinking that gay marriage will make no change or even make it better...I know many people who are the former (radical fundamentalists)and I can't honestly say they are bad people or even bigoted...we skew data in our favor...they in theirs...admittedly sometimes there's is better and sometimes ours is...admittedly thought some people against it are complete and total narrow-minded bastards...but that's another story....