Gay Pride Parades

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Though an interesting point was made about gay pride parades, there is a deeper issue that is not being discussed . Our internalized fear of our community is a result of voilence and hatred about homosexuals and their behavior in general. I think it would be safe to assume that there are those whom are just ignorant in their worldly views of people that are different, but what are some of the other reasons that some of this violence has come about? I say there are some lame aspects to the gay community, but not to the gay pride parades themselves.

There are those who go to the gay pride parades for the children they have with their partners, there are teens that go to know that people like them really exist, and there are those leather chap, ball flapping gay men, as well as the proud bull dyke abuser lesbians that are probably there too. The point is that we are all people, and human at that and pride consists of being proud for surviving the opression we have all faced. I have been put in the hospital duer to being a lesbian, or what my attackers thought was a "dyke." If we call our community lame, then we are just contributing to the hatred that is faced by all of us.

Open up your eyes and realize that if there was not a struggle for the first gay pride parade, you all might still be hiding your faces in shame in your schools, in your communitites and there would be alot more violence against us as humans. The only lame element to the gay pride parades are those people who do not understand the meaning behind it all that criticize the very thing they have no idea about.