Going loony...

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A. My friends are assholes.I have noone to talk to,so I'm ranting about life here.They are lazy.They're there when everything's normal and I can help them.The second I need someone everyone seems to have runaway...Screw 'em....
B.My best friend won't talk to me.Something major went on and she won't even talk to me at all...whatever...
C.My family is stupid.My mom yells at me and says I always side with my dad,which I don't.I think they're both to blame for the divorce.But she always says I blame her.That is some of the stupidest bullshit I've ever heard.And my mom and little brother are still constantly arguing like 3 year olds.Its embarassing to go out with them,its crazy.You'd think my own mother would grow up and shut up.
My Chemistry teacher is an absolute idiot.He has no idea how to teach. I think geometry may be one of the easiest math classes ever though.I'm finally caught up with my work in Film class.I want more work in productions,I wish they would give me more responsibility,because I feel like I can handle it.I finally caught up my essays in English.And why,God,did I take honors French?Actually,I'm pretty good at it.But ARGH,we were playing this game today,and I was at the board and I completely blanked out when I should have been translating.And there's this stupid bitch in the back who was yelling "God!You're stupid!!"Today was not a good day.Today was not the day to call me stupid.He is extremely lucky they didn'y have to pry my foot out of his ass with a cro-bar.He does that to people all the time,and the next time he does it I'm gonna knock him in his head with my damn French book. And after school I had to practice my piece for Acting Festival.That went ok,but I'm really not comfortable with it at all.I don't even know why I'm acting,I'm a damned techie,I don't do acting,I don't know how.
E.I don't like guys.Ok,well,I do.But I don't like the ones I really like.They are slow and confusing and can't get a hint. You'd think flirting is enough,but no.Maybe I'll just wear a sign,or a blue dot.
F.Why does everyone expect me to fix everything for them?I am not the go to person.I can't even fix my own problems,but everyone expects me to do it.
G. I'm exhausted.I come home and think I'll sleep for 15 minutes and then wake up 3 and a half hours later.Then I go back to sleep at night,and sleep during classes.What's wrong with me?
H.I'm in a bad-ass mood.People either piss me off or depress me.I'm really not sure what my problem is,but I know I'm being stupid.
I.If you're reading this,I commend you for making it this far.
J. Now I can't sleep...This is retarded...


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I remember my Chem teacher in high school. He didn't teach much either. I'd want to chuck something at the kid as well. Nailing in upside the head with your French book sounds like a good idea.

Guys need to be told word for word what you're thinking. Flirting just doesn't seem to work, at least that has been my experience. Signs and dots would be a great thing though. It'd be pretty, a bunch of colored dots floating around.

Well I have math lecture now. I hope you're able to sleep better and find something to put you in a better mood.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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I had a pretty bad day- I was

I had a pretty bad day- I was supposed to be cooking, but the cupply teacher yelled at my friend and I for no reason- and sent us out of the lesson so we didn't cook. Luckily she realised her mistake, as most of the class stuck up for us (we're kinda goody-goodies,
I've never had a detention yet!) So she had to apologise to us.

Oh and guys can never take hints- I wish it was like the Sims, where a little floating love heart appears if they like you.
I lived my life in shadow- never the sun on my face
It didn't seem so sad though, I figured that was my place.


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I hate geometry *gag* Algebra

I hate geometry *gag* Algebra rox's though! Heh. Sorry...

Life sucks for everyone :( Just dont let it get you down. :):)