her best friend

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Funny thing is,
i think i want a break
from this feeling
that i love so much

cause it eats my stomach
when she’s brushing
her hair
and we’re getting ready to see our
at her favorite restaurant
(that goddamn restaurant
with the music…
the one i’d love to take her to
so i could say i love her
with that music in our heads)

Funny thing is,
i seem to avoid hugging her,
touching her,
as much as possible
Don’t know why,
but it seems right that way…
to restrain the physical contact
that i dream about at night

It’s funny
i don’t want to be her best friend anymore
and she’d kill me if she knew

I guess it’s the funny things
that make me feel like crying


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I guess it is the funny things or normal things make one want to cry. Would she kill you if she knew? Stop being your friend?

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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Its so fitting somehow....

I know what you mean in the poem.
You feel that if they won't touch you the way you want, maybe its best there's no touch. There's no touch between me and Ciara, thats definate. It hurts too much to look at them sometimes, and hugs don't help. Neither do boyfriends. Hope things work out.

I'll always be.... yours fatally....

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oh, yes. i've felt like this.

oh, yes. i've felt like this.
dissolving stomach. i hate that feeling.
umm. this is good.
keep your head up.