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Erm... hi there... erm... hmm.. lol i don't even know where to start.. :s

k.. i m definitely new in there... and i m feeling very confused about myself... hmm... i do hope to find someone that i can talk to about how i m feeling now but i m not evne sure where
to start... :(

hope someone out there can be of assistance...

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im here

well i see that you r online now and so am i...so if you want to talk feel free to IM me. my sn is kblondk. hope to hear from you soon..

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Hi, welcome to Oasis. We're all here for you, but if you want to chat you can PM me or IM me. AIM ladyluv585.


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Welcome to OASIS!

Hey, Welcome to Oasis! You can click on the "create content" option and write journal entries or start discussions like this one. You can ask questions or look for support, and there's a lot of support here. It's also just a good place to be able to vent your feelings. You can read other people's posts and respond if you like, that can be a good way to get a feel for the community here. You're totally welcome here, and I look forward to reading what you write.

What sorts of confusions are you having about yourself? There are a lot of people here going through a lot of different thigns, and a lot of things that overlap, and we can help eachother.

Take care.

Love and Peace,

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thanks ppl.. for all your responses.. :D well as for what i m confused with.. i don't think i have the courage rite now to openly discuss it.. i wouldn't mind talking online with anyone fr this site about it.. but just not so openly... i did manage to chat with one other user of this site though....

i m just not ready to jump out of the closet just yet... but i m taking a step and putting one foot out... if u understand....

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If you like, you can e-mail m

If you like, you can e-mail me: jenny.9@web.de
That may be easier for you...