Higher Education

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Higher education disappoints me.
I pay you. You teach me.
I don't pay you to brainwash me.

Now, I've had my problems with classes before. Calculus theories. Art
critics. Ecetera. But this is like the last straw.

So, tonight in General Psychology, the professor says babies say "dada" sooner then "mama", because it's easier to say. Whoop-de-freaking-do, you might say. Well this is the exact opposite of what I'm told in Human Growth and Development. But it doesn't stop there. I got back the 2nd test today. A good number of the questions would have been correct had we been in the Human Growth and Development class. This is the drawing point. Two classes, same material. I shouldn't have to remember two sets of answers and to which class they belong. Nnn.

On the plus. I got a note in the mail that I can get a seperate room. One is still vacant.

So, I don't know.


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What I learned in school this week

So sitting in class and the teacher decides to get on a soapbox. Basically what he tried to instill in us is that no Islamic country really has a necessary reason to exist. Nothing of importance comes out of Islamic countries, and since 1683 they have all ceased to be important. The thing is, if you try to disagree or even try to share your opinion you are instantly told not to argue. The professors know best, and you better damn well make sure you agree. Personally, I think that professor is just an ass