I do like boys

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"It's writing time!", I say in my mind at 6:07 while I wait till it's time to see the doctor in France. I really can't write but I can try.

You see, the situation is I'm seeing this guy, this guy I met over livejournal. We talked a little though livejournal and email and when we acctually met we got pretty hot n heavy oat a club. We've been seeing each other about every other day since then. Part of me is saying this what I always wanted. Another part it saying I don't know.

He is absolutly smitten, though I'm not entirely sure why. The first time I had him over to my place, he brought me flowers. I' never recieved flowers before and i wasn't reallly seure what to think. I'm a little to used to my all to common distance from other people, that ths level of peronal intimacy immediatly makes me want to run. At the same time thoug, I'm not at all afraid of physical intimacy. Of the two of us, I'm definatly the most aggressive in public places, he more so in private. I take advantage of nearly every opportunity to kiss or tougch him but I can't say that I love him but I fear he is all too willing to say that he loves me.

This is my first time dating someone and, consequently, I haven't been ina situation like this before. I'm not even sure what I should be thinking let alone doing. Meanwhile, my livejournal entries are far less together than they used to be, partially because he reads them.

So I guess this is what will herald my triumphant return to Oasis. I have to go now though.


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Awww. Thats cute. Anyway, s

Awww. Thats cute. Anyway, some people fall in love quicker than others. It's weird, but it happens. Wanna link to eachother on lj?