It Has To Start Somewhere.

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Sooo Brian (it even disgusts me to type his name) and my brother were here, I guess, but they're leaving now. Brian isn't allowed to be here, even outside working in the yard, unless Mom is here. Neither is Alex. But anyways. He and my brother cut down my FAVORITE tree. It's especially my favorite because it was right outside my bedroom window, which gave me more privacy in the warm weather when it had leaves. I hate him. I really do. With a passion.

I am so in love. And I haven't even really talked to my crush yet. She'll say things to me. And we'll smile at each other. But I'm really pissed off at myself because I'm scared that if I don't start talking to her, she'll think that I don't want to talk to her. But she's really one of the only people I want to talk to. Why does it have to be so hard?! That's it. I will force myself to talk to her on Monday. Even if my cheeks go the brightest red possible. I will talk to her. I need to start somewhere. And sitting around thinking about how much I like her is NOT getting anything done. I am so frustrated with myself right now!


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Agggh! That was so bad, about your favourite tree- it was really mean.
As for your crush- know how you feel, although I'm not in the situation currently- I have been in one just like it in the past. I set myself the goal of "Talk to them by Monday, or never again," and although we never became more than friends- we are still really close mates.

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