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The other day Mom and I were in the car and I said I get the feeling that my crush might like girls. My Mom asked how I knew, or why I got that feeling, and I said I couldn't explain it. I said it probably had something to do with my gaydar. She didn't know what that was, so I tried to explain it to her. And I'm so happy now because she told me I needed to educate her about all this stuff. I'm happy happy happy! Not only does my Mom accept me and is completely fine with my sexuality, but she WANTS to learn about it! A lot of parents don't put an effort into learning about this stuff, but my Mom wants to. I really appreciate that. Not a day goes by without me thinking how lucky I am to have my Mom. She's awesome, and I love her to death! I was also very happy because after I had a conversation with her about my crush, and my sexuality, I realized that not once during that conversation did I feel uncomfortable. And not only do I have the love and support of my Mom, which is one of the most important things to me, but my friends love and support me completely. They even think it's cute when I crush on a girl. I love my Mommy! And I love my friends!


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You are lucky hun! I daren't tell my mum, but it isn't because she'd be mad or anything- but she'd think I'm being stupid and just want attention. My Dad might laugh, but I think he'd forget about it and just change the subject to our next guitar playing session. Oh well, at least my mate's Ok with it.

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It's awesome to have a mom like that! My mom is the same way, she's constantly trying to get me to talk to her. The problem with me is that i don't tell my family about my personal life. When i came out of the closet my mother and stepdad were fine with it, though my stepdad thinks i'm bi, not gay, cuz he's wierd like that, and my mom is awesome. She always tries to get me to talk. I just dont feel comfortable talking to my FAMILY about my personal life, im glad you do though :). I mean i cant even tell my stepbrother's girlfriend, who i consider my BEST friend (she is 27, im 16) and an older sis at the same time. I tell her EVERYTHING, and i feel uncomfortable telling her about my personal life, even though she isnt really family. The only ppl i tell about my personal life are my friends. The only way my mom finds out if i have a boyfriend is if she asks "is he your boyfriend?" and i'll tell the truth and say yay or nae.

I'm happy though that you got a great mother :)