Mmm Happy Stuff

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It felt, for so long, that my life just one trial or problem after another. Wow. Sooooo.... There is a GLBT group in my area. PFLAG, Parents Friends Family of Lesbians and Gays. So. I saw the posting up on the message boards and went to the meeting. It was great. This happy stuff is addictive. Rawr. Got some information and plan on going to the next meetings.

Not any of the other things really seem to bring me down. Mmm. That's it. Bad stuff is outta mind.


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hey, so my girlfriend went to a PFLAG meeting yesterday with her mom and she thought it was ok. I bet it was kinda weird though because shes around 16 and their were only older people there. but yeah. they sound kinda interesting to me though.

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I'm 20 and yeah. Most of the people were older. There were some younger people. It was still fun to get out. I enjoyed it.