my ex iz still in luv w/ me..

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boy am i a lazy monkey.. havent been on here in a while....(i think)...

yeah, well.. im going on with my bf of 7 months.. and my ex girlfriend is still madly in love with me... she has a gf too though... jeanne.. but jeanne is still in love with HER ex gf alex.. *kunfewsing, i know*...

we wanted to do this thing where i take a break w/ my bf.. (lord knows i needed one.. what with the constant fighting and all).. and i'd be with her for a little while... (that part was her idea)...

i told her i couldnt stay with her and that i loved my bf and that it'd prbably make her need for me even worse... hmm.. i dunno... but she realises that she has to get over me... grr...



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that's a crazy situation. wow

that's a crazy situation. wow. I don't know what I'm talking about anyway. I'll shut up now

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that really sounds like the situation with my ex. except im the one who is still madly in love....strange..

*Make a wish, Take a chance, and Break away*