My Greek Affair

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The Greek Affair

I stepped onto the 80-foot schooner and met some of the crew: George, the captain, Rita the cook, June, one of the hands. We immediately get to work on our bags which are huge and out of place anywhere on the boat. I was sitting in the ‘living room’ waiting for Sarah to get done with her bag, and I looked up. Coming down the stairs from the deck, backwards, was a guy, nothing extraordinary except that if he was a crewmember I hadn’t met him yet. He brought a bag down to one of the rooms, and then came back up, we locked eyes for a few seconds and we both broke the gaze, blushing. We didn’t know it yet, but as our time together went on, we would never be able to stare at one another without blushing and turning away. Every-time he passed, the same thing happened. It was as if our bodies could help but show their pleasure at such a sight.

I think several days passed before I learned his name: Costas. I was able to talk much more to June, late nights of cigarettes and baileys, my ‘late-night snack’. I remember the night that I decided I had to kiss this gorgeous 22 year old. He slept on deck, on one of the couches next to the wheel, and I went up to him and said ‘Good night’. He sat up and said it back, and I bent down to kiss him. He seemed so caught off guard, and I was worried he would push me away and that would be the end of it. I decided he didn’t want it, and turned to go to bed, but he caught my hand and brought me back. He’s one of those…slobbery…full-mouthed sort. After adjusting myself to Jen, whose the opposite, I was completely put off. So that first night, I went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep. Aylen was on my mind, innocent Aylen, the 21 yr old beauty.

I went back on deck. I don’t think our nightly par was that long that night, but they got longer, and much more serious, more regular. Every night, or every other night. I remember once we hadn’t spent time together for two or three consecutive nights, and we made love like animals that night.

I spent time contemplating whether this affair was good or not. I thought of Aylen who had just written me saying ‘Thank you for not cheating on me Norah’, but I didn’t obsess over it. Costas and I learned about each other and grew close as only 2 people on a boat together for three weeks can. He knew what I did and did not eat, and the times Dad invited them to dinner and Costas sat next to me was torture. Especially our last night. I barely ate because I was so distracted. It was so surreal. On the way to the airport I felt like the whole trip had been a dream. They were all so beautiful, so nice, the food so good, everything so perfect. Right down to Costas.