my mistake for trusting her (and myself.. i guess)

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I spent the night over at Alanna's house Friday and I knew she'd try something.. I had to sleep inthe same bed with her and we ended up kissing... I tried to stop it so many times,but she "wanted" it..and she said a lot of stupid selfish shit to get it.

Then she wanted me to touch her.. I honestly dont know why i did i, but i hated it.. maybe it was becuase i didnt wanna flat out reject her and hurt her feelings..she didnt want me to tell Aram (my bf) because she didnt want our relationship ruined.. and she didnt want him to hate her... again...

I honestly dont give a shit b/c she knew exactly what she was doing. Never once did i actually get in the mood..

she took advantage of me and knew i wouldnt told her no b/c she wouldve gone on with the suicide and "oh, baby i miss you" method she always uses to make me feel guilty when i dont do something she wants...

I ended up telling him after almost 2 days of lying about it becuz the guilt was eating up from the inside out and he's very angry with me and he says he loves me too much to just leave me.. but then thats really a lot more than i deserve...



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I am sorry

No, you deserve better, he shouldn't be mad at you, if you fooled around with Alanna because she manipulated you to do so. If it were me though I'd take the chick lol jk, I really don't know the situation but I hope all goes well for you