Oh the excitement of it all.

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I get to spend my morning running from building to building to talk to countless people and get countless more signatures so I may drop my history class and pick up Commonwealth of the Arts class. Joy. You see, the add/drop period has passed so I have to get the right people to give me permission to leave a class that I have repeatedly been told by the professor in numerous comments that I am unintelligent. Thats what the comments insinuate, anyway. They are rude, senseless, and just mean comments that I don't intend to sit through for the rest of the semester. Nuh uh, ain't happenin'. So I am playing the run around game to get myself out of it and into a class that I might actually be able to enjoy.

Commonwealth of the Arts is a class that combines art and music and discusses the connection between the two. Or so the description said. It may not wind up being that class that I take because the time is shitty and there might not be any openings. *shrug* I want to find a 9:30 class thats on like monday and friday, or tuesday and thursday, that way I have no classes on wednesday. That would kick some serious ass.

Alright, I best be gone now. I will return with the undoubtedly eventful story of the dropping of a hell class. Adios! Have a good day everyone!