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Hi kids,

What an exciting couple of weeks it's been! Not so much because I've done crazy things (because I haven't), but because I've just been finding out all sorts of gossipy things about all sorts of people. I've also met a few really cool people over the last two weeks, and Josef (the boyfriend) and I have started becoming more financially capable of going out and being social.

I suppose I'll get this done and over with right now: so last night, Josef and I were going to my FAVORITE bar in the whole wide worl (well, except for perhaps the strip bar in Montreal) last night with a female friend of his from high school. We're all involved with music, and so is her mother, who incidentally is someone I have little professional (or personal) respect for. Her mother is involved with two other ladies who perform Andrews Sisters-type songs, and I've been in bands that have backed these ladies up. By far, her mother is one of the most difficult people to deal with whom I have the displeasure of knowing.

But I digress....

She was driving us in downtown, and we were t-boned (no dirty jokes) by this car of four people. My back was hurt because of the impact, and so I'm going to get that checked-out ASAP. When we got out to assess the damage and whatnot, being the eternal optimist (hah!), I noticed that the driver and the front seat passenger WERE uncomprehensibly cute, as was the male backseat passenger (the final passenger in their car was a female).

While we were all outside in the middle of the intersection, luckily a police officer was nearby and we didn't have to wait for one. They all talked, and as I was standing on the sidewalk, the cute frontseat passenger came up next to me and stood, watching the fiasco. When the driver came up to talk to him, he said, "Look honey, you hit family! You're not supposed to hit family!" He said all this while looking at my jacket with a rainbow treble clef lapel pin.

Never being one to let a social situation go, I started talking with them, and before you know it, we were all talking and laughing amngst ourselves. We've actually expressed an interest in hanging out together (at least the gay boys have--I think Josef's lady friend was mutually uninvited from hanging out with us. C'mon, we gotta have our gay boy talk!).

Anyhow, the evening ended rather unfantastically, and I took my asprin and codine pills for the pain in my back. Then we went to his place and slept. Now here we are.

I'll let you know how this pans out. It's rather interesting. Well, at least to ME it is. :-P


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The "Look honey, you hit family! You're not supposed to hit family!" part is excellent. I highly enjoy it. Glad your experience made you some new friends.

Hope your back is alright and gets better quickly.

Take care.

Love and Peace,