Panties and parents .....

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are never a good combination. Especially when it's a pair of your x-gf's panties. Behind your stereo. That you totally forgot about. Yes, my mother found a pair of Jenna's panties behind my stereo. She picked them up with two fingers, looked at me and said, "Are these yours, Ducki?" I lied, naturally, and said yes. Ah, the advantages to being caught with a pair of female panties.The advantages of being bi.

I had another one of my les moments ... well it's been more of a les day actually, and of course Liz picks this day to show up at my house. Which is cool and all. But damn it she kind of nudges me to be more les and with her around that isn't a good thing because I don't want to say or do something and lead her on, you know? Well anyway, I may be going on a camping trip with her tomorrow o.O ... don't ask you don't want to know. I haven't decided yet though. I may just chill here and hide in my room all weekend while my dad is here. We'll see.

I'm also waiting to find out if Josh plans on showing up so I know he's alive and OK. Last night, I ran suicide intervention for an hour. He's all upset and depressed and totally out of whack because Cristina was in a car accident and he's afraid she's going to die. So I was convincing him not to hang himself. The best I could do was to get him to promise not to hurt himself last night. Now I'm hoping he's OK and will be alive to talk to me today.


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i hope your friend is okay. have a nice labor day weekend thing-holiday.