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I'm so sick of falling in love. Does anyone else feel this way? I just wish I could keep a lid on my hormones until I meet a girl who might be capable of returning my affections. And it's not that I don't like falling in love. I'd just rather fall in love when I'm out of the closet, something I don't really want to tackle in high school. Still, why does school have to be so bloody straight? The only gay kids I know, or really know of, are really, really weird. And not in a cute, odd way, in a weird lets stay away from them way. Grr. Very annoying. I spent yet another french class trying to concentrate on my work and not her. Damn, this is getting prety bad.
On a completely different note, I'm not sure at all if my parents have figured it out. I've never had a boyfriend, so that should be a definite sign. I don't think they'd figure it out any time in the near future, but it doesn't stop me from being paranoid. Does anyone else feel like this?


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I wonder if my parents have figured it out sometimes. I’ve never had a bf but my mama doesn’t really pay attention to the fine details in my life so maybe she’s missed that. Then again I talk gay basically all of the time…I can’t help it. Maybe their just waiting to see if we ‘grow out of our phase’ heh. As if. ^.^ [Kai]

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I have the same problem you do

I have the same problem you do, being as I'm not out and in high school. It's funny because it's so obvious that I'm gay, which is why noone has caught on yet. They think I'm joking when I hit on girls all the time. I'm not, but they don't have to know that. Thats one of the other reasons coming out seems so difficult. I don't know what I would say to my good friend when after I cane out she asked if I liked her. I just wish that everyone were gay or bi at least. It's one thing to tell a person of the opposite sex you like them but somehow with the same sex its a whole different ball game. Ok I seem to gradually be getting more and more off topic.

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I got you! I have those prob

I got you! I have those problems too!