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Alright so to continue my story about classes...

My advisor I have decided, is actually a monk. He is in the basement of like the oldest building on campus and its very creepy. Anyway, he hasn't been around for me to visit with for two days so I hiked back to Hammond and went to see Kathleen who is the secretary of the Dean of Undergraduate/Graduate studies...or something like that. She told me to go back to the registar and see if they had a recent list of the classes I could choose from to replace the class I was dropping. Wonderful. So I hike back across campus to the Sanders Admissions Building and see one of the people there who gave me a ten page list. I sat there for half an hour, finally picked out a class, and asked them what signatures I needed. They suggested I talk to the Dean. *massive sigh* So I hiked yet again to Hammond and talked to Kathleen yet again and then waited for another half hour to talk to the Dean. I explained to him the situation with my History teacher, he signed my paperwork, it took five freakin' minutes, and then I found out he lives in the same town as I do. Wonder-fucking-ful. Then he says to me "Give this to Kathleen to make a copy of and then bring it to the registrar." I think I visibly twitched. So I wait for Kathleen to make a copy, inquire about work study, decide I have to go to Financial Aid and see if I can apply for that and then I take a deep breath and head right back to the registrar. In my like third trip there, I dont hear my sister yell my name twice, oops. I get to the registrar, give them the paperwork and they drop my u.s. history class and sign me up for the last seat in History of Architecture. AND THAT, was my day.

Now I have one class monday, three on tuesday, none wednesday, two thursday, and three on friday. And that is my new schedule for Fall 2004. Thats good for me. Yipee.

Other than that, not too much is happenin'. I get to cook for four guys this weekend. They are all working on my dad's roof so I guess providing food is nice or something. I don't know, I'm not too big a fan of cooking for anyone. In fact, I hate cooking in general. Should prove to be interesting.

Okay, I suppose I should go do some homework or something. Yee. Haw. *sigh*

Alright, g'nite everyone, have a good day tomorrow!


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*dry heaving*

Just the mere mention of history of architecture sends me into convulsions, and not in a good way. I'm in a history of architecture class right now and it's the class that I'm having conflicting personality problems with the professor. He's the one who told me how unfocused I am. What's funny is that while he was criticizing me being so unfocused, I couldn't focus on what all he was saying. I missed about half of the insults while I was busy thinking about other things. I actually love history, but not this class. What time period American history was the class you dropped? My favorite time period is 20th century or revolutionary/federalist era, but then again I'm just a big dork

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Go figure...

I was in U.S. History 1 before I dropped it. I like history but not when a professor ruins it like mine did. And the History of Architecture class seemed like it would be interesting...and it was like the only class still open with a seat left. Lol. It took forever to even find a class. So I guess I'll see how it goes tomorrow when I first go to that class. *sigh* Thank you for reading this. Lol. This turned into a longer journal entry than I intended. = )
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maybe it's not the same

I guess I was wrong in saying my class is the history of architecture, because it's actually/technically called history through architecture. What we do is take a certain time frame and its style of architecture and study history through it. Like what can you analyze was historically significant in the architecture style of 1950s America? Well, the prefab houses and drive-ins(among other things) are physical representations of how the U.S. was becoming a hyper consumer economy relying on speed. We study architectural style and everything but what we're really studying is the history behind the architecture, what the historical message behind the architecture is. I find this class to be absolutely horrible because of the professor being such an ass. I like the other six students, but I hate the professor and with only 7 of us in class it's kind of hard to not be noticed.

I take it by History 1 you mean like early American history, like the Indians(I know the pc name is native americans but i don't care). Or maybe like Colonial history. I don't much like colonial history, I find it ungodly boring. For me, I prefer America post the French and Indian War. Talk about long, I'm even starting to bore myself with all my history babbling

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It was early American History. My History of Architecture class is actually studying Architecture. Not studying history through buildings. I wouldn't be able to stand that. Sounds horrible.
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