Tomorrow When the Butterflies Come

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The Sims 2 got here Friday. It's awesome. I made a girl who was supposed to be the girl I have a crush on at school. I'm a dork, I know. She's an elder now, but she's married and I had her adopt a child. It's a girl named Joy. She was a toddler. Now she's a teenager, and she just had her first kiss with a girl named Sophie. Who happens to have the same exact hair as Joy. I didn't want my girl to marry a man, but I decided to go through with it. One of her fears was to be an unjoined elder, and she was only good friends with a guy, so... But yay! I love The Sims 2!!!

The butterflies in my stomach have calmed down a bit since school on Friday, but I'm sure they'll act up again tomorrow. As soon as I see my crush. I'll call her Maia. I'm trying not to fall for her too much. I know she's most likely straight. But she's so beautiful. And she seems really nice. Of course, she could actually be really mean. Especially if she's straight and homophobic and finds out that I like her. But my best bet is to talk to her. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to say Hi.


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i cant wait to get sims 2! sounds like so much fun...and good luck on saying hi!

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