Update on suicide intervention

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Well Josh is alive. He's extremely upset, though. He can't get ahole of anyone in regards to Cristina, which is driving him even more insane.

He told me that one of Cristina's friends told him that she had another boyfriend in Cali, and now he's started thinking that maybe the whole thing with Cristina was just her leading him on. Personally, I think he needs a sedative or two. I just have to keep him mostly sane and in one piece. I'm praying that Cristina is OK and that she isn't toying with him -- she's bi and has two girlfriends already, and for awhile she had declared herself a lesbian. I dunno about her.

Does anyone have an idea as to what I should tell him? Any advice?


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She has two girlfriends alrea

She has two girlfriends already...? If it were me I would not want to have to compete for someones love, but that is just me. I would tell him to get over her. It sounds like he is going to end up hurt.

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