We'd All Have a Chance

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Isn't there something, anything, I can do to feel a little better? I'm feeling so much pain and I don't even understand why. It was a crush. She's straight (I'm assuming). I should get over it. I should never have gotten my hopes up in the first place, anyways, living in this town. Why can't everyone in the world at least be bi? That would be so much easier. We'd all have a chance with the person we like. Why are other gay teenagers so hard to find? Why do I have to have a crush on a straight girl?! Her boyfriend lives in the town she moved from, I think. And ever since Hannah broke the news to me, I've had this sliver of hope that my crush would break up with her boyfriend. But that's such a mean thing to think. Shouldn't I want her to be happy? But I do! But I also wish that she could be happy with ME. I was hoping so much that she liked girls. And I don't know for sure that she doesn't. But still. Maybe I only thought she did because I wanted her to. Because she's beautiful. Because somehow I'm in love with her, and I've never even had a conversation with her. I always looked forward to going to school so that I could just see her smile. But now...


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I'm in the same situation...

I would love it if every1 would be bi even if it's just for a day, so atleast u'll get a chance... Well I'm in love with my bestfriend but I guess what I'm doing now is trying not to, because I know she's straight atleast I think so. Hey I think u should give it a try and talk to that girl u like so much... U never know :)