why I hate ninth graders.

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my locker=evil. which is why I was late enough for the bus that there were no empty seats and only 2 seats that werent full. so I had a choice between a scary ninth grade girl or a scary ninth grade boy. someone (Jinae) shoved me in with the girl. so picture me: a silent, blond haired, short, incesnce burning, eighth grade out cast. now her: 5.5 feet, died black hair, supper popular, way to loud, ect.
if youve never been to a small suburban town's jr. high, thank god. they tend to be breeding grounds for homophobics like tonsils are for strep. meeaning Serina, the black-haired trashey girl is leaning out the window yelling to some poor kid that hes a fag. I was ready to puke. but what could I do? she's twice my size and age. (not raelly but STILL...)


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she's a bitch. you shoulda to

she's a bitch. you shoulda told her straight.. sounds like you had nothing to lose..?..

that woulda been hard though. sorry for ya.

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You shoulda corrected her . It was kinda weird (if you don't mind me bringing a personal story in), in my History class this one kid called someone a fag and the History teacher told him to shut his mouth. You don't have to be glbtq or whatever to correct someone. Be brave, unlike me!! :) Besides, it would be stupid for her to harass you, since there are laws against that, I'm pretty sure.

BTW, I know what homophobialand is like.