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Ok, i'm happy. I mean really really happy. I never felt like this with bethany you know, always happy. I think this relationship might actually go somewhere. I pretty happy that bethany's okay with it, at least she says she is. I'm still really happy though. lol. I'm hyper. God, i hope when she reads this she doesn't think i'm so psycho loony(pretty close though. lol). See, i told u i was hyper! lol. Ok, i'm gonna go now before i really put some crazy stuff in here. TTYL.
Erin :)


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im really happy for you. its great to be happy and hyper! i hope everything works out for u girls... best of luck!

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you know.. i can read every p

you know.. i can read every post you leave..you make it sound like when we dated it was some horrible thing. it only lasted like what..a week?

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