25 October 2004 8:30PM

LookCuteFeelCute's picture

I look at you
With the sweetest temptation
Oh, how dear you are to my heart
I yearn for yours
I keep looking
I can't stop looking

You are such a distraction
And you don't even know
Or do you?
As I looked at you
You looked me
Straight in the eyes
And I saw your eyes

My heart jumped
I was afraid
Or ashamed
I dont know where your heart belongs
And if it is free for the taking


So I look away
That uncontrolled reaction
I push away any signs of it all
Yet I cry for having none

Oh, sweet misery
I know you all to well
I just know you better now
And how you torture me
So restlessly

Can you help me?
Or do I have to make that approach?

Should I ask you that question
That one of going together
And you should reject me
I would be saddened
It would be awkward
Yet I should make that approach
Or no one will...

All there is now is to wait
Maybe if I catch him alone
I'll tell those eyes
I'll tell your eyes
Time will tell us
Or time will show me