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...and the Red Sox won the World Series last night. Of course, that, by definition, means that the world is going to end today, so I strongly suggest that you all go out and do whatever it is that you've always said you're going to do before you die.


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Does that mean...

Does that mean I don't have to finish my assignment?? Does it mean that I'm allowed to just sleep instead??

What happens if the world doesn't end?? Am I allowed to blame you when my lecturer marks me down for a late assignment??

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I don't follow baseball, but I must say it was quite amusing to see my lodge-mates get up at obscenely early hours and skip morning classes to watch web-casts of the games the past few weeks. I'm in Australia, so we didn't get the games on tv, and they were on at crazy hours our time.


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Thank you for giving me the de-motivation I needed not to work on my Shakespeare essay. I've written the first 300 words of my essay this morning (with about 1700 to go), and it felt like the equivalent of, oh I don't know, TORTUROUS PAIN!!!!!!

Sorry, I had to get that out.

That also means I should track down guys I like today (or over the next week) and confess my love for them. Yeah, right...

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I've never been into sports, but I was honestly happy that the BoSox finally won themselves a World Series. The team from Kerry's state defeated a team from a state that's overwhelmingly Republican, so maybe it's a sign :)

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