a love porant!

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You said you loved me
So much for love
I am...
the butch in the back
the quiet one
The one you hurt
the one you destroyed
I used to be open
I used to smile
Now my friends say I'm diffrent
that they miss my smile,
my luaghter,
my jokes....
You said you loved me
How can you love me and her at the same time?
I was second in your heart...

But now there's her...
Do you see us together?
Do you see the love in my eyes?
You used to have that love
but now it belongs to her
now I belong to her
and even though you dont want me back
if you did...
the chance is gona
becuase I am hers..
She is my love
and all you can do is look back
see what we had
see what she did to you
and see the mistake you made

But thanks for the mistake
cuz now I have something so much better

wow.... its apoem! its a rant! its a porant!


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i like.... :)

"If you love someone, tell them for hearts are often broken by words left unspoken"