All I need is someone to talk to.........

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I have alot of friends and they are the all american kids, they all have boyfirends and girlfriends and it sucks because I dont have anyone to love but they are all really straight and there is this one girl and shes friends with most of my friends and she came out and was like I a lesbian and everyone would trash talk her and I'm like wow I'm having these feelings and have nobody to talk to. I think what I need is to talk to someone so maybe I can kinda come to terms with who I am. I dunno I'm so confused I wish there was someone to talk to about all of this. If anybody would like to talk to me please let me know because this is driving me crazy!!


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im lame,boring, 15/f/la, dunn

im lame,boring, 15/f/la, dunno wtf i m, i think im lesbian tho.....
doesn't that seem tempting? ;)
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Hola, sista confused. I so fe

Hola, sista confused. I so feel you on that. I live in a small religious town where it isn't cool to just say hey i am gay/bi. and if you are you don't talk about it. I have a few friends with whom i can communicate with but that is about it. So i definately understand where your coming from.

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hey, im 15, almost 16/f/canad

hey, im 15, almost 16/f/canada. i know how u feel. not having anyone to talk to. for about 9-10 months now, i have these feelings towards the same sex, but i had no one to talk to, i have just recently told one person. i have no openly gay, lesbian, or bi friends. in fact, i recently just broke up w/ a boy friend, i told him that i just wasnt ready. but then a few days ago, i told him that it was also because i had feelings towards girls. but even though he knows, we havent really talked about it since. plus, before he even knew about me and we were goin out, there is this one bi guy in my pre cal class, and he and the other guys would make bi jokes about him, so ya, it was really hard for me to come out to him. but since iv told him, he hasnt made one bi joke, haha, after i told him i think he felt real bad about the jokes. im pretty confused myself, i guess im at a stage in my life where im finding out who i am, and what i want. so if u need some one to talk to, im here with open ears, and we can help eachother out.

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I know how you feel--I'm just getting out of that confusing, frustrating questioning phase. If you want anyone else to talk to, I'm here. I'm 15/f/bi (but more attracted to girls). My email is, and my AIM is MouseWhoRoared.

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All i need is someone to talk to......

I am willing to talk to you no matter what the problem is, you can email me at, if you ever want to talk to someone who will listen to you.

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If you still want someone to talk to is my email. I know how you feel.

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i no how u feel im kinda the

i no how u feel im kinda the same way. plz can some help me to. i want some to understand me.

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oh sweatheart, welcome to th

oh sweatheart,
welcome to the club. i think we have all been through a time like that. i was in your situtation with the all american teens. actually, i hung with all the jocks and cheerleader types and i was sooo confused. so i definitly know where you coming from. plus ive been mugged and beat up because i am a lesbian so i know how you freind feels. email if you need to talk about anyhting. im fully open now except to my dad, but ya i kn0ow where your coming from.

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Of Course

Of course there are ppl here that would talk to you... and i am one of them... My name is Tee but all of my LGBT friends now call me Skittlez so u can too... if you want to email me my email addy is and my AIM/AOL: darknmysterioust... whenever you want to talk just send a message or an IM and i will gladly talk to you about any and everything and i will help you as best i can... dont be discouraged we are here for you.

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Feel free to come talk to me

Unfortunately I know just how you feel so yeah you can come IM me at rowanxxraven(yeah it's the same whatever) or email me at