all is well

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i cam eout to my striaght crush an dshe was soo cool about it. she was like. well i could have guessed that and i tol dher i expectd her to freak out and she was like why would i do that?.
it was awesome, but meani=while i know nothing can happen, beacuse
a she is straight
b her dad hates gay people.
anyhow i was suppossed to go out with ths guy i like but he couldnt come but really wante dto so we ar egoing to hang out next weekend. he wa really wsweet . usual he just blows me off but he is really trying to make time for me , but he oe friend hates me. they used to be really good friend sbut not really now. which is very good since i hate his freind and he hates me. so all is well in catey world.