Am I?

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My bestfriend started touching my boobs one night when she slept over @ mine, the next day i over reacted because i was disgusted and that really destroyed her> so i called her and told her we can still be friend s just as long as it doesnot happen again. But almost every night we slept on the same bed she always touched me she even started touchin me down there. So finally one day i respond and touch her too because i thought thatwas what she wanted but instead it put our friendship on a rocky path. We got seperated ( she moved ) i found myself wantin her to touch me and hold me so i ask her if she is a lesbian and she says no, which gets me confused cause she started it in the first place. So she tells me she used to question her sexuality before but not any more because she is sure that she is straight. Now i am confused because i dont knw if that makes me a lesbian, pls help me am I ? I like guys and i Think i like gals too. Does that make me bi?


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You are what you say you are

You are what you say you are.

"It is not what you are called, it is what you respond to." - African proverb.

Perhaps I'm reading too much into your question, but applying labels has never been easy -- just read some back issues of OasisMag.

In general, if you find both males and females attractive, then you are probably bisexual. If you find only (or perhaps primarily) the same sex attractive, chances are your homosexual, and if you find only (or perhaps primarily) the opposite sex attractive, then you are probably heterosexual. If you still aren't sure where you attraction lies, then perhaps you'd find the label 'questioning' a better fit.