Am I even close to the road that leads to you?

a restless heart's picture fucking confused. I mean, I like my boyfriend...right? but I never have that squishy "ilovehim" feeling anymore and more and more of my thoughts are focused on GIRLS, and sometimes its not a specific girl, just girls in general.

for example, my dream last ight was about this husband and wife in a house that I was visiting with my english teacher. and i'm going into te bathroom to chage and the wife comes in and totally starts hitting on me, and we're like, making out by the time I woke up. and then another dream was where someone wrote my name on a piece of paper and drew an arrow that said "fag" on it and for some reason I didn't do anything, didn't argue or get embarrassed or anything.
*sigh* I don't know what I'm expecting to find out from writing all this, but whatever. maybe later this week I'll postup a section of a story that I wrote, its kind of weird, but whatever.


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I need a boyfriend been single for months too!!sick of waiting

anybody want a girlfriend email me maybe we will like each other!!

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Lizzqu is insane

Lizzqu needs to get a life. oh yes and im sort of in the same situation as heart...i dont really know what to do either.

Cause you're a star now, oh cinderella they arn't sluts like you...

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I just wanted to let you know that it's okay not to know exactly "what" or even "who" you are...take your time in figuring yourself out and follow your heart. It may lead you down places you didn't intend to go, but it's important to be true to yourself. Sometimes in a haste to label themselves, people just skip-over the self-exploration phase.

Good luck with'll figure things out eventually. (I know, I know...the 'it takes time' explanation really sucks when you want answers _now_, but it's all too true.)


"The hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave, live."