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Ok so this is my first entry and i have to say i can't spell for shit. People keep telling me cigs are bad and they kill you and i know this as a little kid my mom smoked and still does i used to through her smokes in the trash that would usually piss her of but now i started smoking about a year ago and she says im a jackass and i see why she smokes . i quit for like two weeks and then started again my grandma asked me how i did it since i smoke like a pack and a half a day and why don't i just quit and all i told her was i have no desire to quit cuz i don't if i had a reason to quit i would but i don't want to cuz i like smoking it calms me every one says its gona kill me and so i'm gona die anyway!!!!!


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I don't quite see the point i

I don't quite see the point in smoking cigarets. If your going to smoke somthing, it might as well give you some sort of high...i.e. weed. Yeah that is the only stuff I will ever smoke. Oh except I am not against smoking huka (sp?).

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yay hukkah

the hukkah rules ... but mine is currently broken :(

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Taste the rainbow! Yeah I don

Taste the rainbow! Yeah I don't know I didn't start smoking till my sophmore year in high school and since then it just calms me I don't know what will happen when I quit I don't know how my emotions are gonna handle that but yeah. It's a hard habit to break but for right's a good habit to have.

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I guess I'm a social smoker. I smoke when I'm out drinking heavily or when I hang out with a certain friend, but only then. Other than those two times, I don't smoke at all but I do love being around people who smoke. I don't know what it is, but the second hand smoke comforts me. As for smoking other things, I gave Weed up. I concentrate on abusing alcohol now