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Have you ever gotten so depressed that you cut? That you hurt yourself? I'm just wondering. If you have, or if you do. I'm trying so hard not to go back to it. Buit it's really hard with everything...

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Yes, I have...a couple months ago, I cut this horrid cross (for whatever reason) on my inner forearm...and all these people asked about it, and it didn't really look like they believed my stupid lies. Somehow I'm feeling the urge to start again, and I do have easy access to razors and all that. I know how hard it is not to do it. Even now I'm fighting it. I hope you (we?) find some measure of self-control...

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Cutting ?

Yeah, I used to be a cutter too. Very dangerous one
I even got to the hospital once cuz I cut too deep...
Trust me, you dont want to fall into this addiction
Talk, express yourselves, cry, yell , whatever ! But do not cut yourself !!!
If you need any help though, you can always ask me some advice
I'll do what I can to help ya out!
But seriously... why do you think my name is Red Rebel if not cuz of all the blood I lost from cutting...anywayz
~ Gotta be RR ! ~

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Awhile back, I was very depre

Awhile back, I was very depressed, and my friend talked about how cutting made her feel. I got desperate and decided to try it, but my razor was too dull! I tried my sister's, and hers was to dull also. I ended up using a grapefruit knife. I only cut once, and my parents found out about it. I haven't done it since, because I'm afriad of it. I tend to just dig my nails into my skin and leave bruises.

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Yes, I used to cut. I don't a

Yes, I used to cut. I don't anymore though. It took long months to get over it all, but now I think I'm safe to say I don't. I cut quite badly, and it was only with some serious help from a friend, who got me up and running, then I was able to finally believe that I could get better. I don't think you can get better without wanting to, and without believing you can. You have to believe.
When you find yourself begging to cut, do something else instead! If you can, go for a walk/run, cook, create something, anything to get your mind and/or body active. If it's late at night and you're stuck in your room, unable to sleep (or other such likely scenarious, whcih is when I used to cut most) then write/draw/journal something, scream into your pillow, count sheep.. just don't let yourself give in. You're tougher and stronger than the need to cut is, and you CAN beat it. Good luck, both/all of you.



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i hate to say it but i am a cutter i had stop for a while but it is an addiction i have to cut just to know i am still breathing. i want you to know you can get over it you can stop cutting you just need support or someone to be there for you. you need someone to talk to and i have been where you are. i have seen many things so if you need help or someone to talk to i am here for you.

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yea I just deal better with p

yea I just deal better with physical pain rather than emotional pain most people are afraid of it though I try to cut in places I know the scars won't been seen very much cause I forget about it in the summer time when it gets hot and people ask to many questions and after a while no one beleives the cat did it. I haven't done it in a while although I have been wanting to alot the past week, but I've been trying not to be that person anymore(sometimes I wonder if I'm denying who I am).

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Two of my friends...

Two of my friends used to cut. They didn't really know each other, so this wasn't a copy-cat thing. One cut long slashes down her forarm, and carved things into her thigh. The other would whittle away at her wrist with whatever metal object she could get her hands on. I can't get the serious cutter to spot, but I'm blacking mailing the whittler into stopping. Hey, the ends justify the means. Every day I check her wrists.
Anyways, I asked both of them why they do it. The answers are pretty much the same. Bored, depressed, or wanting attention. I think using your will power and keeping yourself busy will help stop the urges to cut. And try to be around people! Don't spend to much time alone, or talk yourself into depression.