End of October

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So I've decided to give the internet thing another try. :) It's hard not being able to see the person every day, but I like to think, if it's true love wouldn't it be worth the wait? So hopefully we'll meet in person someday. :) I'm happy. Happy happy joy joy.

My little sister is throwing a fit again. It's an every day thing now. I feel like it's partly my fault because she learned from me. I used to be so incredibly horrible. Thank God I've changed. It's really painful to see my sister like this. It frustrates me because I don't like listening to her scream and yell about stupid little things, but I know exactly what she's going through and I know that it's not the little things bothering her making her act like this.

I've barely talked to Dad at all since he moved. It's driving me crazy. I miss him. I can't wait until I get to go visit him...I don't think it'll be this Christmas, though. And I just remembered that he's coming to visit at the end of October. Yay!!

School is hard. I'm not doing well at all in my classes. Actually, I think I may be failing a few. This year hasn't started off very well. I'm pretty organized, and I do the homework. I don't know why or how I haven't turned most of it in. My global teacher gave us an extra credit project..it was to make a coat of arms, and we could get up to 30 points. I put gay and lesbian symbols and lots of rainbow on mine.

I love my Zeusy cat. :) And all my other pets.



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Nice jacket

I love that u put that on your jacket. That's so awesome.
"Choking back emotion, I try to keep on hoping for a way, a reason for us both to come in close, I long for you to hold me like your boyfriend does, and though my dream is slowly fading, I want to be the object of your passion, but it's hopeless."

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If I'm right, a coat of arms is your family symbol, like a badge? People used to use them to show who they were, even if they couldn't read or write very well.
Lol, sorry, I just felt like pointing this out.

I'll always be.... yours fatally....

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Yeah, you're right. But our

Yeah, you're right. But our teacher had us design our own, putting whatever we wanted on it. She said to use anything that meant something to you. So, I made mine with gay symbols. :)

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