Girl Playing w/ hair = me not paying attention

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Hey fellow oasis peeps!

so um yeah nothing much has gone lots of hw um lots of random work and then i also have my part time job so i dont have much time but oh in class theres this chick who sits in front of me SHE PLAYED with her hair the WHOLE period it drove me crazy i seriously wanted to grab her hand and be like please for the love of jesus christ and the sake of me please oh please STOP playing with your hair like that!!!!!!!! cause it wasnt like innocent playing with your hair i swear it had subtle meanings along with some womanly evolutionary mechanism to attract mates.....oh was crazy.... i went to EMS yester....anyone watch the L WORD ...remember Jenny ?? so the cashier was like a reincarnation of jenny she was making weird conversation with me and like taking forever to check me out and on top of that once we were practically done she asks for my ID and im ike um ok so she stares for a good bit ad im like ummm ok....then she kpt eventually i REACHED out grabbed my shirts from her and was like um bye...and she gave me this weird smile...i dont know what to think but maybe ill go back...HA HA HA HA HA!

oh ladies.....why why must it be so tough!
it is tough but you know whats real hard trying to not fall in love too much..i swear i have met someone i cant stop umm talking i cant get enough of and i cant stop thinking of i think im addicted like someone posted earlier seriously this love thing is a bitch a good bitch but a hard one...*sighs* im surprised at the toll it has taken on me....i dont know how to bounce back and reconquer my life and get things on track i have alot of loose ends but they are due to the fact that alot of the actions i do or take are somehow related to this emotion and i have to control myself or things are going to get ugly...and messy....i need discipline!!!!!!
but i dont regret falling in love i just wish i knew how to separate love work and school and everything i need to find the balance! ..bah... no more of this complaining im sorry...

N ;)


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I love that show!

OMG u watch The L Word?! Awesome, i thought i was the only one. Not really, but i didn't think anyone on here did.

"Choking back emotion, I try to keep on hoping for a way, a reason for us both to come in close, I long for you to hold me like your boyfriend does, and though my dream is slowly fading, I want to be the object of your passion, but it's hopeless."