girl's are so confusing....

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Jasmine told me that we're moving to fast. I understand that. We both knew we were moving fast from the start. But she said she was ok with that. She also said that she thought she did love me, but now she isn't sure. She said I can still say I love her, she just doesn't know if she can say it back. She was supposed to call me two hours ago. I need tot take a shower, but I'm afraid she'll call while I'm in there. I don't th9ink... I mean... I love you sin't just something you can take back. She says weree moving to fast, but she doesn't want us to break up. She says were just in a rut, but I can tell she's even afraid to say that were girlfriends. She doesn't want to say dating, becuase we still haven't met. I know thats a big thing, the fact we havnt met. I want to, it just hasn't worked out. Neither of us can drive, and we have to get some friends to drive us.... *sigh*...

This quote seems to fit the situation quiet well
"Men often say, 'Women! Who could ever understand them?'
Don't ask a lesbian for the answer.
All you'll get is a sympathetic nod." - Joanne Brigden


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Don't get too frustrated with

Don't get too frustrated with her just yet. She's just scared. I know this is hard for you, but you just have to be patient. I went through something similar with my girl - asked her to marry me, and she said yes, but later took it back. Now though, she says she's ready. You just got to give this time. She'll come around.