I Hate MATHS *Rant*

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Ok- I'm sick of it right now- all I want is to trade all but one of my Maths lessons for English or Child Developemt- the subjects I actually need. I haven't really got any career choices yet, but I can assure you that whatever I want to be will not require me to have an advanced knowledge of any of the following:
1) Reflections
2) Lines of symmetry
3) Algebra
5) Long divison/multiplication.

And even if I do need to do some maths, I sure as hell think I'll be able to afford a calculator- so what the hell is the point of teaching me how to multiply 19.437 by 6.543 when the actual method I'm supposed to use, takes way longer than just using a calculator?????


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I have the exact opposite problem.
I love math, but I wish I could just
not be in english because I don't like it.

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I've actually have been surprised at how much math skills come in handy. I can't count how many times I've needed to do long division/multiplication or algebra in my head without the help of a calculator because I don't carry one around with me at all times. But anyway, my favorite subject has always been history