I have no back bone???? And why is it when i try to help someone they make fun of me!

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Hey Oasis-

I HAVE NO BACKBONE....why cant i be more assertive?..................and moving on

i have a friend who always askes for advice or tells me her problems but when i say something i get made fun of..but its not that-- its that im actually trying to help and it is for her own good but she makes fun of me and it hurts .. cause i really want only the best for her....

*grrr* :/



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Yeah OKAY I wonder who that f

Yeah OKAY I wonder who that friend is haha, Nat-Nat, I can't help but to make fun of you, I love you, you know that. Thank God you have no backbone otherwise, I would not be able to control your every move HAHAHA jk. It makes you who you are you dork, and I think that that is a good thing, you are nice and sweet. Just watch out because some people take kindness as a weakness, which it isn't I know you can be a complete bitch lol no you never are, good luck with your "friend" haha