i miss knicky

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okay i met this girl over the summer. dominique an dshe was the most amazing gilr in the world. i couldnt stop thinking about her. we went to the sam etheater and stuff. she was wow! i cant even decribe her. i got her phone number but i cant bring myself to call her. god i miss her. maybe i should write her a poem. i seem to be good at that. i would like some advice on this. i know you uy sdont really know her but somthing in my heart tell me if i had the chance to kiss her she would kiss me back. maybe its only a fantasy but hey its my fantasy. god i love her. she dyed her hair cherry pink over the summer. it was so hot.
god i love her....knicky


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Like I always tell people, you need to get in the game lol, but really I believe you should give her a call, even if you don't know that she is gay. That's how I met Holly, well I met her on Oasis but I called her, and since then, we've met, and one thing leads to another, ofcourse we kissed hehe...I love her. I am going to her homecoming. You are a great girl, good luck.