I want.....

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I want a girlfriend... but that's weird, in a way, because even though I've never been in a relationship, I still think that I should be friends with someone first. You know, get to know them and not just go out with them because you want a girlfriend. But because you like them. Argh, I'm confused. Anyways!! Yeah, so... I'm lonely. There is absolutely no one here in my town that I would consider going out with. Guys are obviously out of the question. And there are only a couple of bi girls that I know of, who happen to be my friends. And I don't like them more than friends. "I'm all alone, there's no one here beside me.." I want love. I want a girl to hug, a girl whose hand I can hold. Who will snuggle up with me during a movie. A girl who will love me for me. I want a girlfriend!! *BTW, the girlfriend I wrote about way way back months ago was an online gf* I feel so alone.......


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online gf

I've got an online gf also. BUT I just happened to just meet some1 last week and now I like her but I have an online gf. Sorry it didn't work out for u, I don't know about me but right now I don't think it might work out I said I'll try or was it "I promise I won't break it off" u see promises shouldn't be taken lightly, still haven't learned my lesson :P


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I feel the same way.

I wish I had a girl who could just love and who would love me back. It sucks. I feel so alone lately. I just want someone. Is that too much to ask for? :(

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Let's make another club: Lonely Lesbians! Hope you find someone :)

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