it's alot harder

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the day that i found the love of my life was the day i wish i didn't know how to cry. I was the ntype of person that had crushes on other people but i would never let them know because they would always be my friend (not to mention the were straight). There was this one girl who i always cared for but never told he. At the time she just got dumped by a boy that i just couldn't stand. I was telling her that he didn't know what he was doing and he will be crying and aking for her back.Well during the coveration she told me that she think that she likes girls. and i told her that she was just upset because she lost the boy she was in love with. But she told me no that has been feeling that way for two years now and she had to tell some one. I didn't really believe her so i brushed it off. But after i entered a relationship with someone else she told me that she like a girl at our school. So being the good friend that I am i said who. She didn't give me a name right away. she told me that she din't want to say anything because the girl was in a relationhip already and she didn't want to hurt the friendship that they already have by say something. Well i told her that if the person was truley her friend she qould understand were she was coming from and accept it as a friend. Well she turn to me and said hey guess what i like you. At that time i felt like i was going to die. what was i suppose to do the girl that i had feeling for just told me that she liked me back. Then i remembered that i had a girl friend already. So i just said oh that's good to know. But during the whole time that i'm in my relationship our bond becomes stronger and stronger. After my relationship ends i find my self taking to her every day one the phone for hours at a time. But this girl was differnt i didn't want to be with her because she was the girl everyone wanted. so i knew that there was going to be a big to do about nothing over our relationship. On day she we were in the hall she kiss me and then right then I knew tat she was the one for me. But that was that day i wish that never happen because thing have not been the same between us ever since and i wish that i could get my friend back.