It's Alright You're Gay (31 October 2004 6:55 PM)

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I just came up with these lyrics... I hardly ever write lyrics, but I ended up making lyrics about a str8 guy who's best friend is gay (snicker snicker). I dont have a friend who is like this, and this situation never has happened to me (but I wouldn't mind it). Anyways - here it is. press read more
Your my best friend
Oh, yea - Dude
I always thought there was
something about you

I always felt that strange li'l vibe
That I dont think you ever could hide
So then you told me yesterday
Yea - that you were gay

It's alright
It's okay
I dont really care if your gay
I might just like it
Oh, yea
Cuz I might just use it
And Again
And Again
Oh, yea
~~~END Chorus

So I'll tell you my little plan
I'm home alone tommarow after school
Just try to keep the noise down low
So that the neighbors wont know!

~~~ Chorus

We will have so much fun
Oh yeat, Yea
We will do it again and again
Dont tell anyone about us
So the fun'll never end

~~~ Chorus

Yea, it's alright
Yea, it's okay
Oh, I know it sounds a little crazy
But I'm not even gay

~~~ Chorus


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*Nods* It's good- no, wait- I

*Nods* It's good- no, wait- I mean VERY good! Brought a smile to my face anyhow, which I thank you for. I'm just lurking here trying to avoid homework- and I'm glad I found your lyrics- they're excellent.

I lived my life in shadow- never the sun on my face
It didn't seem so sad though, I figured that was my place.

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hey man i wish my straight bo

hey man i wish my straight boy would sing that one to me lol... he so frickin gorgeous i wouldnt mind doing it a few times with him. -sigh- he doesnt care that im gay nothing has changed between us... if anything we have gotten closer lol... so i guess you never know...